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Brand: LM Publishers
BIRD WILDLIFE OF ARUBA Gregory M. Peterson & Annette H. Peterson-BredieNATUREBirds are fascinating creatures. They are descendants of dinosaurs and connect us to the far gone past. Like bees and bats, birds play a significant role in nature’s evolutionary clockwork. They pollinate flowers..
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Bons Slip - Olga J. Buckley
Brand: UNOCA
BONS SLIP Olga J. Buckley PAPIAMENTO CHILDREN’S BOOK Bons Slip is a book for all children who appreciate differences and similarities. Or want to enjoy of the differences and similarities in the world. Illustrations: Géwout Esselink For ages: 4-6 years PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Papiamen..
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Brand: De Bezige Bij
BONUSEen Nederlandse bankier vertelt Kilian WawoePERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Dutch | paperback | 204 pages | De Bezige Bij | Amsterdam | 2010..
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BOS PA PLANTA Quito NicolaasMULTILINGUAL POEMS PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Papiamento, Dutch, English | hardcover | 162 pages | Bookish Publishers | Almere | 2011..
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Brother Rich, Nana Sweetie Creative Writing - Rhoda Arrindell
BROTHER RICH, NANA SWEETIE Creative Writing in St. Martin Rhoda Arrindell (ed.)SHORT STORIES & POETRYAn anthology of seminal narratives, fictions, and poetry from 13 new writers from the Charismatically Caribbean island of St. Martin. REVIEW“This collection is the result of a demanding wri..
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BROTHERHOOD OF THE SPURSLasana M. SekouSHORT STORIESIn Brotherhood of the Spurs, a collection of four short stories, Lasana M. Sekou continues his now familiar exploration of the ancestral memory of African Diasporas which have left their creative imprint on all corners of the Caribbean and the ..
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CAMBRIDGE Caryl PhilipsNOVEL Cambridge is a powerful and haunting novel set in that uneasy time between the abolition of the slave trade and the emancipation of the slaves. It explores the feelings of uncertainty that defined that period. It is the story of Emily Cartwright, an Englishwoman s..
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CANCIONERO PAPIAMENTO {JULIO PERRENAL} Pierre Lauffer Jr.POEMS & TRADITIONAL CURAÇAO MUSICPierre Lauffer Jr. sings and recites Pierre Lauffer Sr. Pierre Lauffer Jr. promised his father Pierre Lauffer Sr. (1920-1981) that he would an album of his songs and poems. 2006 sees the fulfillment ..
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CANTO DI LAMA J.L. FortinPOEMSCanto di lama is the debut poetry book by the writer. The themes in his poems include: loneliness and friendship, melancholy and wishes, dreams and inspiration. All based on reflection, memories and natural elements.AUTHORJ.L. FORTIN studied Latin American Studies a..
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Caribbean Cultural Heritage and the Nation - Alex Stipriaan, Luc Alofs, Fracio Guadeloupe (eds.)
CARIBBEAN CULTURAL HERITAGE AND THE NATION Aruba, Bonaire & Curaçao in a Regional Context Alex Stipriaan, Luc Alofs, Fracio Guadeloupe (eds.)HISTORYCenturies of intense and involuntary migrations deeply impacted the development of the creolised cultures on the Dutch Caribbean islands of Arub..
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CARIBISCH ENIGMAEen odyssee in een collage Brede KristensenESSAYS PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONDutch | paperback | 320 pages | In de Knipscheer | Haarlem | 2019 | 1rst edition..
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CAS DI BIENTO / DOORWAAIWONING Olga OrmanBILINGUAL POEMSAt the age 14 Olga Ursinda Orman (1943) left her homeland Aruba to continue studying in The Netherlands. She followed the footsteps of many other Antillean youth who exchanged their island of birth, usually temporary, for a stay in The Neth..
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