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Aruban Literature

Aruban Literature
DROMEN VAN HOLLANDIrma GrovellNOVELPRODUCT SPECIFIATIONDutch | paperback | 225 pages | Uitgeverij Rheia | Naarden | 2015..
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E HOMBR’I PUEBLO Hyacintho Rudolfo (Rudy) CroesBIOGRAPHYBiographical display of the vision of the late politician Betico Croes. The book covers in summary form the genesis of the movement to Separate Status to its implementation. On the role that Betico Croes had herein and other prominent poli..
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EEN REU... REU... REUZENSLANG! / UN CO... CO... COLEBRA GRANDI! Curt FortinBILINGUAL CHILDREN'S BOOKThe picture book tells the story of the boa who’s been to the island, but the island is too small for such a large snake: no space to live and no food tob e found.A story about courage and fri..
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EN IK DROOMDE… Irmgard FransYOUTH BOOK PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Dutch | paperback | 109 pages | UNOCA | Aruba | 2012..
Ex Tax:15.00€
EPA…UN STREA! … Y MAS STREAEvelyn Ruiz-Croes CHILDREN’S BOOK Illustrations: Sidney Gunsam For ages: 8 years and older PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Papiamento | hardcover | 52 pages | Editorial Charuba | Aruba | 2nd edition | 2011..
Ex Tax:12.50€
FONTEIN EN ANDERE VERHALEN  Frida DomacasséSHORT STORIES PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Dutch | hardcover | 82 pages | Self Published | 2009 ..
Ex Tax:15.00€
GEREDE TWIJFELS Quito NicolaasBILINGUAL POEMSEnglish translation: Joyce HerryPRODUCT SPECIFICATION Dutch, English | paperback | 103 pages | Uitgeverij Excalibur | Almere | 2002  ..
Ex Tax:15.00€
GLANZENDE SCHOENEN Irma Grovell NOVELPRODUCT SPECIFICATIONDutch | paperback | 163 pages | Uitgeverij Rheia | Naarden | 2014        ..
Ex Tax:16.45€
Guia di Monumento - Olga van der Klooster & Michel Bakker
GUIA DI MONUMENTO Olga van der Klooster & Michel Bakker HISTORY This guide gives three routes across beautiful cultural heritage. A route by car over the whole island and two walking route for the cities of Oranjestad and San Nicolas taking you to places only insiders know. Th..
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HET DOSSIER VAN DE DRAKENDODER  Clyde R. Lo A NjoeNOVEL PRODUCT SPECIFIFCATIONDutch | paperback | 540 pages | Uitgeverij In de Knipscheer | Haarlem | 1rst edition | 2020..
Ex Tax:24.50€
Brand: UNOCA
ISLA DI MI / ISLAND OF MINE Frank A. WilliamsBILINGUAL ANTHOLOGYIntroduction: Wim Rutgers PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Papiamento, English | paperback | 160 pages | UNOCA | Aruba | 2000..
Ex Tax:19.05€
KURASON KIBRÁ / HEEL MIJN GEBROKEN HART Frida DomacasséBILINGUAL POETRY PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Papiamentu, English | paperback | 75 pages | Uitgeverij Calbona | Rotterdam | 2007..
Ex Tax:5.99€
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