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Caribbean Literature

Caribbean Literature
The Angel Horn - Shake Keane
THE ANGEL HORN Shake KeanePOEMSAn anthology of six unpublished manuscripts from Caribbean poet Shake Keane, spanning from the late 1940s to his last poem written in 1997. Keane, poetic iconoclast and "musical chameleon" was recently honored by his country with a life-size bust at the Peace Memo..
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THE CARIBBEAN Jacob Gelt DekkerHISTORYAfter a life-changing diagnosis, Dutch entrepreneur Jacob Gelt Dekker decides to take a step into the unknown. Setting sail from his home in Key West, he embarks on an odyssey around the Caribbean islands, navigating treacherous waters and nations forever sh..
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VAARWEL, BROER Edwidge Danticat           NOVELOn the day that Edwidge discovers she is pregnant, she hears that her father is terminally ill. She takes direct contact with the brother of her father in Haiti. Uncle Joseph is like a second father t..
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WREDE SEIZOENENKettly Mars NOVELPRODUCT SPECIFICATIONDutch | hardcover | 284 pages | De Geus-Oxfam Novib | Amsterdam | 2005 ..
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