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CORAZÓN DE PELCANO / PELICAN HEART An Anthology of Poems by Lasana M. Sekou Emilio Jorge RodríguezANTHOLOGYBilingual anthology on the poems of St. Martin writer Lasana M. Sekou. Cuban essayist and literary critic Emilio Jorge Rodríguez made a selection, gives an introduction and makes note..
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COSECHA / KOSECHA Simia LiterarioPOEMS Recited poems in Papiamento and English by the members of the writers group Simia Literario. CONTENT: 1. Anochi y dia 2. Laman 3. Barbulètè 4. Mi pida baranka 5. Bisa mi 6. Habri pa mi drenta 7. Kaska 8. Who do you…? 9. Monumento 10. Awase..
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CURASON Sonia Ruiz POEMSPRODUCT SPECIFICATIONPapiamento | paperback | 22 pages | Self Publisher | Hilversum | 2004..
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DANS / MI TRIBU Frida DomacasséPOEMS PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Dutch | paperback | 54 pages | Self Publisher | Waddinxveen | 2006..
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DE NAVELSTRENG VAN MIJN TAAL Poesia bibo di Aruba Anton ClaasenANTHOLOGYDe navesltreng van mijn taal is an anthology of the current Aruban poetry that is originally written in the Papiamento language with a Dutch translation in this book. it's a typical Caribbean poetry where creole, nat..
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Derek Walcott Collected Poems 1948-1984
DEREK WALCOTT Collected Poems 1948-1984 POEMSThis remarkable collection, which won the 1986 Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Poetry, includes most of the poems from each of Derek Walcott's seven prior books of verse and all of his long autobiographical poem, "Another Life." The 1992 Nobel La..
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EEN SERENADE VOOR MIJN SHÉRÉZADEWalter PalmPOEMSThe love for and from his muse inspired Walter Palm to write these passionate love poems. The collection is an ode to Shéhérazade. Like the legendary storyteller the poet tries to fascinate his beloved one for a year long with a praiseworthy for e..
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Eva/Sión/Es - Chiqui Vicioso
EVA/SIÓN/ES  Chiqui ViciosoMULTILINGUAL POEMSThis book is a small trilingual tome – one long poem with translations from Spanish to English and French.REVIEWS “The book is the natural evolution of [the author´s] rapprochement to the culture that surrounds her, the plural and linguistic..
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Geef me je taal dat ik je beter versta - Hilda de Windt Ayoubi
GEEF ME JE TAAL DAT IK JE BETER VERSTA / DUNA MI BO IDIOMA PA MI POR KOMPRONDÉ BO MIHÓHilda de Windt Ayoubi BILINGUAL POEMS PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Dutch, Papiamentu | paperback | 236 pages | Uitgeverij In de Knipscheer | Haarlem | 2019 ..
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GEREDE TWIJFELS Quito NicolaasBILINGUAL POEMSEnglish translation: Joyce HerryPRODUCT SPECIFICATION Dutch, English | paperback | 103 pages | Uitgeverij Excalibur | Almere | 2002  ..
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Guanahani, my Love - Marion Bethel
GUANAHANI, MY LOVE Marion BethelPOEMS“Guanahani” is the Amerindian name for The Bahamas, and in a Caribbean country that is uniquely more sea than land, “the water is shamelessly beautiful,” writes Bethel in the poem “In the Shallow Seas.” Rooted in the multiple islands that make up the Bahamas,..
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I Believe - Howard A. Fergus
I BELIEVE Howard A. FergusPOEMS REVIEWS“In the clean lyric line, the rhyming line … an honest, unsentimental perception of humanity. From a freshly-wrought volcanic landscape, Fergus speaks authentically, deeply …” - Marion Bethel, author, The Bahamas“The only bleeding thing for me to be the ..
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