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Children's Literature

Children's Literature
NANDENI EN DE REUS  Hetty AmatCHILDREN'S BOOKNandeni is eight years old. She lives with her mother in the Saramacca district. In between beautiful green trees and nice people. But there it is not always fun. Nandeni is often teased at school ... because she is so small. That makes her very ..
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OVERAL MONSTERS EN SPOKEN  Twintig gedichten en verhalen    Liliana Erasmus en Jeroen HoogerwerfCHILDREN’S BOOKHere, there, everywhere monsters and ghosts. And they are not alone, Ghosts, scary beasts, tholls, witches and other creeps ... you can meet them just like that. The..
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SHON SHOCO WEET RAADJacques ThönissenCHILDREN'S BOOK Shon Shoco weet raad is the first children's book by Jacques Thönissen, after he published his novels Tranen om de Ara en Eilandzigeuner.Shon Shoco weet raad takes place in the Aruban animal world, in which the owl Shon Shoco helps the dis..
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VRIJHEIDS SALSA / FREEDOM SALSA   Loeki Morales BILINGUAL CHILDREN’S BOOKThe book contains the story of Papito en de vertellende boom, which the writer wrote in  2003.On a tropical island there is an ancient Flamboyant tree with flaming red flowers. One day  Papito walks..
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YAKANUKOEen gevaarlijke opdrachtCurt FortinCHILDREN'S BOOKThe eleven year old Jake is a hero, but (nearly) nobody knows that. He sleeps during the day in class and at night he protects, as Yakanko, the world against evil.Since the dissapearance of his father three years ago, Jake sees as his task to..
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