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BEYOND INSANITY Rosabelle IllesPOEMSA collection of methaphysical and spiritual poems.AUTHOR ROSABELLE ILLES, was born in Aruba on the 17th of October 1987, has been writing since she was 6 years old. At the time she only wrote poems for her family members. On special occasions her mother would ..
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CANTO DI LAMA J.L. FortinPOEMSCanto di lama is the debut poetry book by the writer. The themes in his poems include: loneliness and friendship, melancholy and wishes, dreams and inspiration. All based on reflection, memories and natural elements.AUTHORJ.L. FORTIN studied Latin American Studies a..
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CICATRIZ DI MIRADAAngelle Stamper POEMS Collection of poems inspired by experiences that had an impact on the poet. The poems are written in various languages: mostly in Papiamento (nine pieces), two in Dutch and two in English. The poems are accompanied with illustrations by Angelle. The p..
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CITY STORE J.L. Fortin SHORT STORIES City Store is the debut of Jose Luis Fortin in fiction and has 11 short stories that mixes diverse realities with the fantasy world. PRODUCTSPECIFICATIEPapiamento | paperback | 91 pages | Self Publisher | Aruba | 2013..
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COSECHA / KOSECHA Simia LiterarioPOEMS Recited poems in Papiamento and English by the members of the writers group Simia Literario. CONTENT: 1. Anochi y dia 2. Laman 3. Barbulètè 4. Mi pida baranka 5. Bisa mi 6. Habri pa mi drenta 7. Kaska 8. Who do you…? 9. Monumento 10. Awase..
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CURASON Sonia Ruiz POEMSPRODUCT SPECIFICATIONPapiamento | paperback | 22 pages | Self Publisher | Hilversum | 2004..
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DANS / MI TRIBU Frida DomacasséPOEMS PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Dutch | paperback | 54 pages | Self Publisher | Waddinxveen | 2006..
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DE DODE VLINDER Frida DomacasséSHORT STORYSilvio, died too young the fashion King, is buried. Many questions arise on ...AUTHORFRIDA DOMACASSÉ (Aruba, 1938) spent her childhood in Lago Heights, a neighborhood where people of different nationalities lived. This has inspired her to write. She wr..
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DE KOLIBRIE OP DE ROTS EN MEER OVER DE GESCHIEDENIS VAN ARUBA  Evert BongersHISTORY PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONDutch | hardcover | 248 pages | Self Published | Aruba | 2018 | 1rst edition..
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DE VROLIJKSTE VERJAARDAG VAN SINTERKLAAS Henna Goudzand-Nahar CHILDREN'S BOOKFer likes acrobatic tours. When on an evening, before going to bed, he does a handtsand, he noticed someone watching him. It turned out to be a piet. This piet asks Fer if he wants to go to the Netherlands as an a..
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E HOMBR’I PUEBLO Hyacintho Rudolfo (Rudy) CroesBIOGRAPHYBiographical display of the vision of the late politician Betico Croes. The book covers in summary form the genesis of the movement to Separate Status to its implementation. On the role that Betico Croes had herein and other prominent poli..
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FONTEIN EN ANDERE VERHALEN  Frida DomacasséSHORT STORIES PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Dutch | hardcover | 82 pages | Self Published | 2009 ..
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