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Lenga di Mama - Denis Henriquez

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Lenga di Mama - Denis Henriquez
Lenga di Mama - Denis Henriquez
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Denis Henriquez


''I had for a long time Lenga di mi Mama in my computer. Sometimes I edited it and made changes. Till I decided to let my friend Wim Rutgers have a look at the poems. He stimulated me to publish,” says the author at the presenattion of the book.

“Lenga di mi Mama is a manner of a continuation, but also a completion, a parting, from what I have written in Kas Pabow. This is my first publication in 1988 with UNOCA.”

(’45) born in Aruba, is an author who writes in Dutch and Papiamento. He graduated as physicist at the Universiteit van Leiden and worked as a  physicist and math teacher in Aruba and the Netherlands.
He's known in the literary world in Aruba and in the Netherlands. Some of his theatrical work are: Mayan Dalia lo ta mi Dalia (1978), Fenchi a gana premio mayo (1981), The Mad T-party (1983) and E sonjo di Alicia (1988). He also published a collection of poems Kas Pabow (1988). His three novels are mostly known: Zuidstraat (1992), Delft Blues (1995) and De zomer van Alejandro Bulos (1999). His latest novel is 
Het sterven van Rebecca Lopez Ikario (2016).

Papiamento | hardcover | 86 pages | Editorial Charuba, UNOCA | Aruba | 2014


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