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Friendly Anger - Joseph H. Lake, Jr.

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Friendly Anger -  Joseph H. Lake, Jr.
Friendly Anger - Joseph H. Lake, Jr.
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The Rise of the Labor Movement in St. Martin
Joseph H. Lake, Jr.

St. Martin labor history. On the rise of the labor movement in St. Martin from its inception to the present.

Friendly Anger is a very important work not only because it chronicles and describes the events and roles played by key actors that are required for an understanding of any historical period, but also because it gives us a social history of St. Martin. Lake has made a difficult task  appear quite simple as he uses his obviously good grasp of the detail to paint for us the wider picture.
- David Abdulah, Oilfields Workers’ Trade Union, Trinidad and Tobago

This insightful account of socio-economic and political events spanning oer 30 years… deals with the major labor movement experience of the Caribbean island of St. Martin from the late 1960s to the onset of the 21st century.” – Oswald Francis, Cole Bay, St. Martin

Introduction: David Abdulah, Chief Education & Research Officer, Oilfields Workers’ Trade Union, Trinidad and Tobago

JOSEPH H. LAKE, JR. is a leading advocate of independence for the Caribbean island of St.Martin, a colony of The Netherlands and France. From 1973 to 1976 he edited the Windward Islands Opinion newspaper. In 1990, his essay "Slavery and Independence" appeared in The Independence Papers - Readings on a New Political Status for St.Maarten/St.Martin, Vol. 1. He is the publisher and editor of St.Martin Newsday (founded as the Windward Islands Newsday in 1976). In 1994, Lake became the founding president of the Independence for St.Martin Foundation, the first organization dedicated to the island's political independence. In 1997, Lake received the award for achievement in journalism from the student government of the University of St.Martin and Teen Times. He appears regularly on radio and television discussing media, political, and constitutional issues.

Lake is also the author of
The Republic of St. Martin (2000). Friendly Anger - The Rise of the Labor Movement in St. Martin (2004) is his second book.

English | hardcover | 313 pages | House of Nehesi Publishers | St. Martin | 2004

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