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Language, Culture, Identity in St. Martin - Rhoda Arrindell

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Language, Culture, Identity in St. Martin - Rhoda Arrindell
Language, Culture, Identity in St. Martin - Rhoda Arrindell
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Rhoda Arrindell


Language, Culture, and Identity in St. Martin is intended to contribute to the language education discourse and provide some insight into how language and culture affect and are affected by identity in St. Martin. Exploring the basic syntactical structure of the St. Martin language, it aims to stimulate further and deeper studies leading to a new awareness of the nature of the language. Furthermore, the book could serve to provide a knowledge base from which the analysis of cultural, identity, and educational issues confronting the South and North of this Caribbean island can be made and understood.

is a leading linguistic of the Caribbean island of St. Martin. Arrindell obtained her PhD in linguistics from the University of Puerto Rico and holds a propaedeuse (pre-law) diploma from the University of the Netherlands Antilles. Arrindell served as the first Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, and Youth Affairs in Philipsburg, St. Martin (October 2010 May 2012).
She formerly headed the Humanities Division of the University of St. Martin and was an instructor of English and literature. Arrindell has co-authored chapters in Agency in the Emergence of Creole Languages edited by Dr. Nicholas Faraclas and is the editor of Brother Rich, Nana Sweetie, Creative Writing in St. Martin. She has presented scholarly papers on linguistics and St. Martin literature at various regional and international conferences. The mother of two is the founder of the United Volleyball Club Foundation

English | paperback | 226 pages | House of Nehesi Publishers | St. Martin, Caribbean | 2014 

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