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De stilte van het Ongesproken Woord - Trefossa, Shrinivási, Dobru

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De stilte van het Ongesproken Woord - Trefossa, Shrinivási, Dobru
De stilte van het Ongesproken Woord - Trefossa, Shrinivási, Dobru
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Tiri fu den wortu di no taki
Trefossa, Shrinivási, Dobru


poetry, essays, music the Netherlands – Suriname

Three Surinamese poets are put to music. Dobru and Shrinivasi are poets, in their own right, who have a place in the collective memory of the Surinamese people. This makes them worthwhile to listen to. These man have more to offer. Their poetry represents their course of life and their being. Get to know them and you'll find the depth in their poetry. 

The poetry of Suriname never did limit itself to paper. On the contrary. Poems were there to listen to. Their work already has been put to music. Composers Dave MacDonald and Robin van Geerke build with the IKO Foundation further on this line. Hindi, Dutch, Sranan, Sarnami and English exchange each other with colorfull palets of music styles. Jazz, blues, gospel and rap go hand in hand with sounds of tabla, kaseko and Caribbean music patterns.

MacDonald and van Geerke sought out the silence between the words. In that silence they mixed the poetry heritage of the culture of the poets with other cultures, to experiment and to look for new dimensions.  

The chosen poems, the life sketches and the interviews are adjusted to a wide readership as possible. The compilers hope that these timeless poems, through the combination with the music on the corresponding DVD, Silence of the Unspoken Word, will live even more. We hope to make all readers, in the Netherlands or in Suriname, if young or from the old generation, enthousiastic so their interest and appreciation for Surinamese poetry or poetry in general will grow. 

The following writers and musicians collaborated on the project Silence of the Unspoken Word:

Cynthia Abrahams, Gerrit Barron, Chandra van Binnendijk, Hans Breeveld, Martin Buitenhuis, Eric Calmes, Dobru, Hein Eersel, Zanillya Farrell, Quinsy Gario, Norman van Geerke, Lila Gobardhan-Rambocus, Satya Jadoenandansing, Geert Koefoed, Claudius de Krentenkoning, Ismene Krishnadath, Sanne Landvreugd, Julya Lo’ko, Dave MacDonald, Desiree Manders, Cynthia Mc Leod, Adinda Meertins, Chy-Kyria Mezas, Raj Mohan, Mavis Noordwijk, Nitti Ranjan, Roetoe Raveles, Lucas Shepherd, Shrinivási, Sim’Ran, Robert Harman Sordam, Trefossa, Armando Vidal, Yoran Vroom, Sarah-Jane Wijdenbosch.

 ‘Silence of the Unspoken Word’ is an initiative of Dave MacDonald produced by IKO Foundation
Introductions Cynthia Abrahams (final editing), Hein Eersel, Geert Koefoed
Photography/image Jean van Lingen, Antoinette van Maarschalkerwaart

[Illustrated book + DVD included]

Dutch, Sranan Tongo | hardcover | 136 pages | length dvd 56:59 | Uitgeverij In de Knipscheer | Haarlem | 2014

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