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Belumbe/De waterlelie - Diana Lebacs

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Belumbe/De waterlelie - Diana Lebacs
Belumbe/De waterlelie - Diana Lebacs
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Diana Lebacs


Is this poetry about the fragments of the Curaçao reality? Or should they be seen as one big metaphor? With the style of writing, visual and sometimes with inspiration, the poet lures the reader into her labyrint of language. Poetry rich with contrasts, contradictions and paradoxes. 

In concise verses her observations gets form, she brings love, death, freedom and departure to life. She enters the first cycle, Onder de waterlijn, to the outside with an intense expression in the second cycle, Voorbij de waterlijn, and turns in, becomes meditative. This collection reads like the reflection of Lebac''s inner poetic world. 


DIANA LEBACS (Curaçao) is daughter to a Curaçao-Indonesian father and a Surinamese-Creole mother. For a long time she worked as a teacher in Curaçao en taught youth literature at the Universiteit van de Nederlandse Antillen. Lebacs played an important role in the development of Dutch-Antillean youth literature. For her book Nancho van Bonaire, one of her youth novels, she received the Zilveren Griffel. De langste maand (1994) is her first novel for adults, In 2011 she was one of the first to graduate in Papiamentu (language and literature). This bilingual collection of poems (Dutch-Papiamentu) Belumbe/De waterlijn is her poetry debut. The poems are originally written in Dutch and translatedd by the author into Papiamentu. 

Dutch, Papiamentu | paperback | 48 pages | In de Knipscheer | Haarlem | 2014        

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