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Beschaving, bekering en bevoogding - Ronald Donk

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Beschaving, bekering en bevoogding - Ronald Donk
Beschaving, bekering en bevoogding - Ronald Donk
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Honderd jaar onderwijs op Curaçao, Aruba en Bonaire (1816-1916)
Ronald Donk



On Curaçao, Aruba and Bonaire there were in the 19th century private and public schools. Children from well to do families visited the private schools and less fortnate children the school for the poor. Enslaved children were up to 1857 excluded from every form of education. Government couldn't cope with the huge demand of education. The Catholic churches founded many schools. Many years the education was carried out by incompetent sisters and brothers of the faith, while the Catholic church strove vigorously for financial equality with the public education. 


Civilization, conversion and paternalism is an in depth research on the fundamental questions regarding education in the Leeward Islands in the period 1816-1916. Why was the government up to 1857 against every form of education to enslaved children? How did church and government brought the West-Europan civilisation to the various populations?Which argument did the government used to impose the Dutch language as language of instruction, while Spanish was in the economic trade more practical? Which meaning did the Dutch education had for the development of boys and girls from the various social classes?

Answers to these questions Donk found in the archives of the Netherlands, Curaçao and  Aruba and in old papers from Curaçao. So it was possible to form another and more accurate image of the development of the education from what is known up to now.

Donk tells stories of local children who climbed up the ladder to become teachers and even of enslaved persons who after their liberation were teachers in front of the class.


RONALD DONK published the last fifteen tears on various topics from the history of Curaçao, such as the slave trade, slavery and the history of education. His descriptions, analyses and conclusions are mainly based on primary sources.  


Dutch | hardcover | 266 pages | LM Publishers | Edam | 2019 

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