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Beyond Insanity - Rosabelle Illes

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Beyond Insanity - Rosabelle Illes
Beyond Insanity - Rosabelle Illes
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Rosabelle Illes


A collection of methaphysical and spiritual poems.

, was born in Aruba on the 17th of October 1987, has been writing since she was 6 years old. At the time she only wrote poems for her family members. On special occasions her mother would give her a pile of greeting cards to fill in.

She discovered her spiritual writings when she was 12. It all began with the poem “Heaven on Earth,” which is dedicated to her father. After sharing it with several people she realized that many could relate to it and enjoyed it. So she began to write not only yo share with others, but to share with herself as well, since she too became curious. As she received more inspiration she noticd that her writings were not of the same frequency. Once she followed courses on Universal Energy, and her interest in Spirituality grew, Rosabelle began to understand the origin of her poetry.

Rosabelle stil dedicates her poems to specific people but she also enjoys writing with a blank mind just to share information. Since the publication of the first edition, Rosabelle has been invited to write and perform opening acts of various cultural events on Aruba. She started to eperiment with short stories and hopes to deelop further as an Aruban author.

Illustrations: Nigel Matthews

English | hardcover | 80 pages | Self Published | Aruba | 2010 
2nd edition

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