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Lijken op liefde - Astrid H. Roemer

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Lijken op liefde - Astrid H. Roemer
Lijken op liefde - Astrid H. Roemer
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Astrid H. Roemer


It’s written black on white: you shall not kill; not out of love for people and homeland, not for out of self-preservation, not to uphold human dignity and not even from surrender to your God. That is why Paramaribo finally got his tribunal. The soldiers are the accused and their compatriots living abroad  are the jury. It will be a model process. Suriname will enter the year 2000 cleared of blame.

It is december 1999. Cora Sewa wants also, like every other Suriname, to seize the opportunity to once and for wash her hands in innocence. As a housekeeper Cora has spend a large part of her life in the trust realms of others. After years she feels the need  to personally demand account of an old politician. Once a daughter of notables was gruesomely murdered and the case was never thoroughly examined. And of that woman blood sticks unintentionally by his doing on the hands of Cora. But tormentors doom up speaking of the past is forced.

Lijken op Liefde [Similar to Love] is a contemporary quest for the scope of crime and retribution and the meaning of crime and punishment. A splitting reflection of a country where personal and political interests are intertwined, and the past imposes itself as a perennial event.

Dutch | paperback | 251 pages | Uitgeverij De Arbeiderspers | Amsterdam | 1997

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