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Zonnesproetjes - Loekie Morales

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Zonnesproetjes - Loekie Morales
Zonnesproetjes - Loekie Morales
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Jeugdvertellingen uit een tropisch nestje
Loekie Morales


On the edge of Willemstad, de capital of sunny Curaçao, lives mother Mai and her children. Seng, Kecha, Loeki, Naida, Deng and Papachi were strewn with sun freckles. They were up to mischief, when Mai worked all day long away from home. Sometimes they had a row, but helped each other out of the mess and were again best mates. The older brothers helped their grandma Wela with the upbringing of the children. One day Mai goes to 'rest' ...and everything will be different.  

, born in Curaçao, comes from such a family. The stories are about children that experience joy, sadness, fear and luck. They have to help each other, but fortunately they have each other. Zonnesproetjes is for young and old. In a visual way the reader is familiarized with history and culture of the sunny island where the rascals were born. 

“The stories tell about the daily life, old habits, decline and rise, the people of our island... This is the added value of the work  by Loekie Morales. It gives me a feeling of emotion and pride to see this storybook come to life.” – Diana Lebacs

Illustrations: Stefanie Haverkamp
For ages: 7-12 years and adults

Dutch | hardcover | 110 pages | Beyond Writing Foundation | Sint Maarten | 2007

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