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In time of need - Shakirah Bourne

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In time of need - Shakirah Bourne
In time of need - Shakirah Bourne
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Shakirah Bourne


A collection of award-winning Barbadian stories that showcase the controversial and often hidden aspects of the supposed Caribbean paradise. The themes of love and relationships, domestic and emotional abuse, politics in the rum shop, sex tourism and human trafficking and more, are narrated in a satirical and humorous style, often through the voices of innocent and naïve characters.

Strong characterisation, unpredictable plots and a delightful cinematic writing style make Shakirah Bourne’s In Time of os uit absorbing read. In stories that highlight a wide range of topics the writer’s language and voice change os uit the characteristics, with the result that there is never a sense of sameness. The only disappointment in the collection comes when the reader has to leave the words so skilfully portrayed – Peter Adonijah ”Alleyne” BSS MA

is a Barbadian writer, editor and filmmaker. She has won several awards for her stories, including the UNICEF Award for short fiction that best represents the rights of a child, and the Barbados Manufacturers’ Award for short fiction that best represents Bajan culture. She is a lover of good food and white- sand beaches, where she unearths some of her most delicious stories. She believes that most ailments can be cured by sleeping on the beach at least twice a week.

English | paperback | 180 pages | Self-Publisher | Leeds, UK | 2014        

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