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Zenobia, slavin op het paleis - Cynthia Mc Leod

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Zenobia, slavin op het paleis - Cynthia Mc Leod
Zenobia, slavin op het paleis - Cynthia Mc Leod
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Slavin op het paleis
Cynthia Mc Leod


In the first half of the eighteenth century, there was large administrative disorder in the colony Suriname culminating in the time of Governor Mauricius, who literally was bullied by a group of rich planters, which he called ‘the Cabale' and which, according to him, were commanded by the widow Audra. That is what we learned in the earlier days in history lessons in school. Of course, slaves didn’t knew nothing of this and it didn’t interest them either, for they had it much too busy with survival and/or oppose exploitation, abuse and domination of the white masters. Yet there was a slave girl who unwittingly witnessed this wunyu wunyu (noise, fuss). That was Zenobia, who as a girl was took from Berg en Dal to Paramaribo by misi Graman, later on the widow Audra, who married three Governors and two pastors. Via Zenobia we get an insight into the life of the notables whose days were filled with celebrations and parties, quarrels, bickering and trifles, while slaves had to toil to make this possible.

'If I had it figured out, one would say that I fixed a bizarre and morbid fantasy, but I found this all during my years of research,' says author Cynthia Mc Leod.

(born 1936) publishes with this book, her sixth historical book in the Netherlands. Her historical novels have mostly the theme of slavery. The most famous of these is Hoe duur was de suiker? that is made into a film by Jean van de Velde and as tv series was broadcasted by the VARA. Of the book more than 150,000 books were sold.

Dutch | paperback | 362 pages | Uitgeverij Conserve | Schoorl | 2015

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