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Cancionero Papiamento {Julio Perrenal} - Pierre Lauffer Jr.

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Cancionero Papiamento {Julio Perrenal} - Pierre Lauffer Jr.
Cancionero Papiamento {Julio Perrenal} - Pierre Lauffer Jr.
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Pierre Lauffer Jr.


Pierre Lauffer Jr. sings and recites Pierre Lauffer Sr.

Pierre Lauffer Jr. promised his father Pierre Lauffer Sr. (1920-1981) that he would an album of his songs and poems. 2006 sees the fulfillment of that promise, marking the 25th anniversary of the death of whom many regard as the Papiamento language’s greatest poet of the 20th century. Along with the classic songs from the Cancionero Papiamento (Papiamento Songbook) which his father co-wrote during the Second World War with Jules de Palm en Rene de Rooy, his son Pierre recites a personal selection from his father’s groundbreaking work.Here is an album that celebrates Papiamento’s cultural coming of age.

1. Merengue Merikano (Shon Cal)
2. Cuba Libre
3. Scuridad
4. Kòrsou
5. Mi tera
6. Mi lenga
7. Mi pushi
8. Gasolin
9. Tumba
10. Balia bari
11. Marionita
12. Jorando
13. Na morto di Zenobia
14. Nonze su cantica de tambú
15. Balada di Buchi Fil
16. Premio di feria
17. Ta paki bo’n ke
18. Mi pushi (1950)

CD | Papiamentu | Otrabanda Records | 2006   

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