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An Introduction to Government - Louis Duzanson

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An Introduction to Government - Louis Duzanson
An Introduction to Government - Louis Duzanson
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Island Territory of St. Maarten
Louis Duzanson


The first basic reader written in English in St. Martin about the workings and structure of the legislative, executive, and supervisory (Lt. Governor) branches of the government of the "island territory of St. Maarten"--a Dutch colony in the Caribbean. How do the island and executive councils work? What is the authority of the Lt. Governor? Who is the Island Secretary? What is the public budget? 

An Introduction to Government has a basic a-b-c approach and it is the closest title published to a school textbook. The people that a government system affects, whether they set up that system or not, should know the basic workings from the time that they are young in order to consciously work on determining their destiny. Duzanson’s approach is almost clinical but not cold. He uses the Islands Regulation and the constitution as the legal foundation for an informative but easy read.

LOUIS L. DUZANSON was born on November 16, 1948, San Nicolas, Aruba. His early schooling was completed at St. Joseph School in St.Martin. From 1966 to 1971, he studied public administration at Bestuurschool Overijsel and document management at Studiekring Overheidsdocumentatie in The Netherlands. Duzanson heads the government’s Facilitation (general affairs) department in the southern part of St. Martin, a Dutch colony.

Between 1975 and 1991, the career civil servant headed the legal affairs and archives departments, “Functioned” as island secretary and acting island secretary; and in 1994 chaired the working group that investigated the commisssion to evaluate Dutch “higher supervision” on the territory’s goverment. Duzanson has been an advisor to government on electoral matters since 1979. This leading election expert is often consulted by politicians, scholars, and the media on bureaucracy and government history. Duzanson’s articles on the election process have appeared in the St.Martin NewsdayThe St.Maarten GuardianThe Chronicle, and The Civil Server. The Lions Club member’s hobbies include baseball, and reading up on legal issues and history. 
Louis Duzanson is a St. Martin election and government history expert. He currently heads the general affairs department of the government of island teritory of St. Maarten.

English | paperback | 70 pages | House of Nehesi Publishers | St. Martin | 2003

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