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Argus - Quito Nicolaas

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Argus - Quito Nicolaas
Argus - Quito Nicolaas
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Quito Nicolaas




In Argus Nicolaas also tends to shift between the different stages of life from his childhood to adulthood, reflecting in  the collision between emotions and logic. The linguistic glossing and gliding  of Dutch, English, Spanish and Papiamento words – mirroring a social transformation of the individual and the society – can be heard as well. The poets roots lie in his strong connection with Aruban nature, yet his urbane voice is embedded in the wet streets of some Nordic European cities, smoky coffee shops and window brothels in Amsterdam. In this collection we follow the poet, flâneur, walking down the streets of a metropolis and its suburbs, the centre and the periphery, balancing his two skins, dressing the clothes of the outcasts or those of other flâneurs like Rubén Darío and Fernando Pessoa.


has published thirteen books so far: seven poetry collections, including two with In de Knipscheer, three novels, a collection of short stories and a collection of columns. His short stories and poems appeared in ten different anthologies in the Caribbean and the Netherlands. Also his essays on Caribbean literature were published in a variety of international publications. In 2006, the handbook of literary history of Aruba and the former Netherlands Antilles, dedicated attention to his work. His poems appeared in different anthologies in Albania, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, China, United States and Romania. In June 2016, his entire  work was included in the prestigious Dictionary of Caribbean and Afro-Latin American biography from the Oxford University. Previously the poetry collection Als de Aloë sluimert/Cucuisa cabisha appeared at In de Knipscheer. The poem Windmolen [Windmill] from this collection was included in the anthology Grenzenloos [Boundless] – 40 years Knipscheer poetry.


Introduction by Dr. Sara Florian, Ph.D. in Modern Philology. She’s currently teaching Italian at the National University of Singapore.


English translation: Mildred Antonius


Dutch, English | paperback | 106 pages | In de Knipscheer | Haarlem | 2019 | 1rst edition

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