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Bencho ta rebeldia - Olga J. Buckley

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Bencho ta rebeldia - Olga J. Buckley
Bencho ta rebeldia - Olga J. Buckley
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Olga J. Buckley



Bencho becomes a teenager and is inreasingly resisting. He finds he's doing well at school and that's why everybody has to leave him alone. Nevertheless, he is scared of himself when once he hits with fists on the desk of master Willems. What will be next for Bencho. Will he find a middle way and face the challenges that awaits him?

OLGA J. BUCKLEY has a long standing career in education in Aruba. In addition she writes children's books and also poetry. The first book in the Bencho series was published in 2006 with the title Bencho ta dual. After that came in 2008 Bencho ta gana un bais.

Olga published two poetry books Curashi (2002) en Sin wak patras (2008).

As a poet she participated in 2005 in the literary festival Crusa Lama; a variant of the Dutch  “Winternachten” in Aruba en Curaçao.


Olga Buckley is a fervent promotor off reading aloud to growing children. Hence she invoked in 2007 the project “Bon Nochi Drumi Dushi” for stimulating reading aloud. The foundation “Bon Nochi Drumi Dushi” gives attention to the reading aloud to young children by visiting families to read and to inform parents about the importance of reading aloud.  De foundation has published a series of DVD's, so parents can get started. 

For ages: 12-16 years


Papiamento | hardcover | 85 pages | UNOCA | Aruba | 2013


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