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Because of Prayer - Felecita T. Williams

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Because of Prayer - Felecita T. Williams
Because of Prayer - Felecita T. Williams
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Felecita T. Williams


The diary-style true story follows Williams from her life as a happy child to her near-death experience because of kidney failure, to adulthood. The book recounts childhood experiences of joy and tremendous pain that could make some readers wince, "especially when they realize that it was a small child going through the medical operations," said Sample, president House of Nehesi Publishers.
Williams courageously and sometimes cautiously reveals eye-opening glimpses into private family sacrifices, being a student at MPC, puppy love "attractions," questions about life and faith, and challenges on her job with co-workers.

English | hardcover | 98 pages | House of Nehesi Publishers | St. Martin | 2010

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