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I’m only Human - Angie Ignacio

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I’m only Human - Angie Ignacio
I’m only Human - Angie Ignacio
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Angie Ignacio


This poetry collection mainly explores human emotions. In an average day we all experience so many emotions and this is normal because we are imperfect and mortal humans. Though we may be placed in the same situation as another person we will always react in different ways because we are all different and unique. This collection of poems is what she has written from the age of 14 until now, exploring her own emotions and writing them down along the way.

ANGIE IGNACIO is from a very small five square miles island named Saba in the Caribbean. She’s been living in The Netherlands for four years, where she’s a student at a Dutch college. She enjoys writing poetry whenever the inspiration and writing in general hits her. Her free times she spends in singing, dancing, and spending time with family. Saba is an unknown island. She likes to change this and put Saba on the map one day.

English | paperback | 52 pages | Xlibris Publishing | United Kingdom | 2015

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