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Love Songs Make You Cry - Lasana M. Sekou

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Love Songs Make You Cry - Lasana M. Sekou
Love Songs Make You Cry - Lasana M. Sekou
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Lasana M. Sekou


Unadulterated love and dizzying passion are the puppet masters that wind their fingers around the heartstrings of the characters that people these fives stories.
This his love and passion drive the characters to what Blair’s father (one of the characters) describes as “grave and unmentionable consequences” – that cost them their trust, family or even their lives. But sometimes, like the floating sunbeams beneath the canopy of a dense forest, these same characters bask in the faint rays of redemption.

"Love Songs Make You Cry stirs emotions that lie too deep for tears."
- Joyce Peters- McKenzie,St. Martin Newsday

"Following one of the principles of Modernism, Sekou reinvents his prose. The depth of his discourse and the scope of his subject matters give his short stories [...] a universal, yet unique, character that goes well beyond the boundaries boundaries of a Caribbean readership."
—Michela A. Calderaro, PH.D., University of Triest, Italy

is a St. Martin author. His Nativity, The Salt Reaper, 37Poems, Love Songs Make You Cry and Brotherhood of the Spurs have been required reading at Caribbean, North American, and European universities. Sekou has recited his poetry and fictions in the Caribbean, USA, South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. His poetry has been translated into Spanish, Dutch, French, German, Turkish and Chinese. Sekou is an advocate for the independence of St. Martin, a colony of France and the Netherlands. Book of the Dead (House of Nehesi, 2016) and Hurricane Protocol (House of Nehesi, 2019) are his newest collections.

English | paperback | 142 pages | House of Nehesi Publishers | St. Martin, Caribbean | 4th edition 
| 2014

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