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Cicatriz di Mirada - Angelle Stamper

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Cicatriz di Mirada - Angelle Stamper
Cicatriz di Mirada - Angelle Stamper
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Angelle Stamper


Collection of poems inspired by experiences that had an impact on the poet. The poems are written in various languages: mostly in Papiamento (nine pieces), two in Dutch and two in English. The poems are accompanied with illustrations by Angelle. The pictures are intended to support the poems or to give the reader a moment of meditation, reflection, peace offer after reading a profound poem. Cicatriz di Mirada is her debut.

was born in Aruba in 1993. At the age of twelve she began writing poetry based on her experiences. Angelle recited poems during various cultural events on Aruba, Curaçao, The Netherlands and Germany. Cicatriz di Mirada displays a 10-year period that she was active in the literary world and the world of photography.  So, she won in 2009 with the poem 'Canando sin destinacion', in 2010 with 'Garnachi di Speransa’ and in 2011 with 'Bo no mag di bay' the Arte di Palabra Aruba. In 2010 she came in second place at the Arte di Palabra ABC on Curaçao with the poem 'Garnachi di Speransa.' She has always managed to combine her studies with her passion for reading, writing, art and photography. She is currently studying medicine and is in its sixth year.

Papiamento | hardcover | 74 pages | Self Published | Aruba | 2016 

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