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Duizend leugens bruidstaart - Diana Lebacs

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Duizend leugens bruidstaart - Diana Lebacs
Duizend leugens bruidstaart - Diana Lebacs
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Diana Lebacs


One day goatherder Skylar leaves his flock on the mountainside to follow a group of children on their way to school. He secretly slips in one of the school desks and soon he turns out to be a handsome pupil. But the school changes his life definitely when master Jaír and his mother Naima get along well with each other. All the more reason for Skylar to persuade his mother to track down his father with him in the neighbouring Hope Land. This almost impossible mission that the storyteller establish in Duizend leugens bruidstaart [A Thousand Lies Wedding Cake], not only leads him to Hope Land but also on a spiritual journey.

The Curaçao writer Diana Lebacs weaves in Duizend leugens bruidstaart an ingenious web of characters, their relationships and the enigmatic events in which they become involved. It is a coming of age of a young illegal immigrant: desperately trying to contact the man who raised him. At the same time, this is the story of the mother, she travels with the boy and crave the love of her life. As a young woman she has, even before the birth of her son, after a poignant incident decided never again to show herself in the village.

Diana Lebacs creates in a simple and lucid style a fictional world that forms a bizarre parallel with ours. It is a world where only women and children live in the village, the border guard helps people to enter the neighbouring country illegally, migrants can go to an intermediate office, the constraints  of a heart refurbish, a home-baked cake has mysterious powers and a city is built on crystals.

Duizend leugens bruidstaart revolves around a big secret. It's a novel about sex, love and infidelity, death and loss but also about success and purpose. A novel in which the hero, Skylar, faces the truth and is driven mean something to others. A drive from an early age in painting of margaritas on a polo shirt.

The Curaçao writer DIANA LEBACS enjoys in the Netherlands especially fame with her children's books and youth novels, such as the award-winning Zilveren Griffel crowned Nancho van Bonaire [Nancho of Bonaire]. De langste maand [The Longest Month] (1994) is her first novel for adults. In 2014 she debuts as a poet with her collection Belumbe/De waterlijn [Belumbe/The Water Line], Dutch poems translated into Papiamentu.

Dutch | paperback | 283 pagina’s | Uitgeverij In de Knipscheer | Haarlem | 2016

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