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Lizzy Lizard - Robin Boasman

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Lizzy Lizard - Robin Boasman
Lizzy Lizard - Robin Boasman
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Robin Boasman


In search of new friends, little Lizzy Lizard takes a long walk, which quickly turns into an adventure in and around Philipsburg. The book’s photo art illustrations convey a sense of magic to places easily identified by boys and girls, ages 4 to 9. Meet endearing animal personalities, Suzy Soldier Crab, Iggy Iguana, Missy Mongoose, and Pico Pelican. Lizzy Lizard will prove popular with confident independent readers; and with families who can spend time reading it together and seeing fascinating animals and places of St. Martin s busiest city.

"Lizzy Lizard is Robin Boasman’s darling contribution to the children’s literature of the Caribbean. What an absolute delight to get the grand tour of St. Martin with Lizzy Lizard and her new friends! - Jamie Alleyne, Learning & Child Development Consultant

ROBIN BOASMAN was born in Philipsburg, St. Martin, and received her B.A. in education from the University of St. Martin. During her studies she worked as a tutor, assisting children with their homework and remedial lessons. Boasman currently teaches at the Sister Magda Primary School. According to Boasman, it is highly important for children to read, but children will more likely read when they enjoy and can relate to what they are reading. This is how the story of Lizzy Lizard came about. Robin Boasman is a mother and Lizzy Lizard is her first book.

For ages: 4-9 years

English | paperback | 34 pages | 
House of Nehesi Publishers | St. Martin, Caribbean | 2013


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