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Moederschap/Maternidad - Gustave Nouel & Zuleika Coffie

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Moederschap/Maternidad - Gustave Nouel & Zuleika Coffie
Moederschap/Maternidad - Gustave Nouel & Zuleika Coffie
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Van droom tot werkelijkheid/Di soño pa realidad
Gustave Nouel & Zuleika Coffie


The book Moederschap is a reflection of an inner journey of the emotional life of a pregnant woman. Once as a young woman developed as a teenager to a grown woman, now ready to reproduce. The long-awaited creature announces itself in poetic words and begins to grow with ideas spread across the globe. The paintings and poems refflect the moments and changes that a woman goes through, as well as the interaction between nature and the individual.

GUSTAVE NOUEL is a fine artist with more than 200 exhibitions at home and abroad. He participates in lots of art projects, exhibitions and workshops in diverse countries for his expertise. He's on the Hall of Fame of Aruba (at Paseo Herencia), between the most knowm persons of the Aruban history. Nouel is one of the known professional fine artists of the Caribbean. He lives and works in the Netherlands. 

ZULEIKA COFFIE is a model and actress. She worked through 1989-1992 as a model in Aruba. She took part at the Miss Carnaval elections and the Miss Bikini on the beach pagent. Also the Youth model competition. She left Aruba in 2014 to pursue her dreams in Europe and the rest of the world. 

Dutch, Papiamento | hardcover | 96 pages | LM Publishers | Edam | 2020

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