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A SENSE OF BELONGING Artwell Cain HISTORYThis book was chiefly motivated by the fact that over the past years persons from the English speaking community in San Nicolas and other areas on Aruba have been over heard in conversations placing themselves outside the framework of Aruba’s national ..
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Aantekeningen over schaamrood - Aart G. Broek
AANTEKENINGEN OVER SCHAAMROOD Angst, agressie en ambitie Aart G. Broek ESSAYS PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Dutch | paperback | 161 pages | Uitgeverij In de Knipscheer | Haarlem | 1rst edition | 2017..
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ALAMEDA Quito Nicolaas SHORT STORIES PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Papiamento | paperback | 119 pages | Uitgeverij SL | Almere | 2008..
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ALS DE ALOË SLUIMERT/CUCUISA CABISHA  Quito Nicolaas  BILINGUAL POEMS    Although Quito Nicolaas does not aspires to go down in history as a poet that writes on 'politics', the echoes of political and social developments in his homeland are loud and clear i..
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An Introduction to Government - Louis Duzanson
AN INTRODUCTION TO GOVERNMENT  Island Territory of St. Maarten Louis DuzansonHISTORYThe first basic reader written in English in St. Martin about the workings and structure of the legislative, executive, and supervisory (Lt. Governor) branches of the government of the "island territory of ..
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Antilliaans erfgoed 2 Nu en verder - Gert Oostindie & Alex van Stipriaan
ANTILLIAANS ERFGOED 2 Nu en verder Gert Oostindie & Alex van Stipriaan (eds.) CULTURE PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Dutch | paperback | 282 pages | Leiden University Press | Leiden | 2021..
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APPROACHING SABBATHS Jennifer RahimPOEMS Jennifer Rahim’s poems move seamlessly between the inwardly confessional, an acute sensitivity to the distinctive subjectivities of an immediate circle of family, friends and neighbours, and a powerful sense of Trinidadian place and history. Few have writ..
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ARGUS Quito Nicolaas BILINGUAL POETRY In Argus Nicolaas also tends to shift between the different stages of life from his childhood to adulthood, reflecting in  the collision between emotions and logic. The linguistic glossing and gliding  of Dutch, English, Spanish and Papi..
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ARUBA EN HET BUITENLANDS BELEID Een rijke persoonlijke ervaring Wilhelmus (Wicky) P.M. SchoutenPOLITICSView from a personal experience of the writer with the foreign policy of country Aruba. In accordance with the Statute of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, external relations and defense are King..
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ARUBA EN PAPIAMENTO Twee vroeg Papiamentse Protestantse uitgaven van Aruba door Abraham van Dragt en Ds Nicolaas A. Kuiperi Henny E. Coomans (red.) LANGUAGEPRODUCT SPECIFICATIONPapiamento, Dutch | paperback | 80 pages | Stichting Libri Antilliani | Bloemendaal | 2005..
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ARUBA IN LITERAIR PERSPECTIEF Tussen traditie en vernieuwing       Henry HabibeLITERARY HISTORYIf we talk about the literature of the six islands of the Netherlands Antilles, it was always spoken about the 'Antillian literature'. Cola Debrot wielded around 1977, des..
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Aruba su folklore ta resona
ARUBA SU FOLKLORE TA RESONA FOLKLORE MUSIC CONTENT: LAMENTO RUBIANO – Artistanan Uni, comp.: Vicente Ras CABAYITO DI SHON ALFREDO – Janiro Eisden, comp.: Mo Tito PILAR – Janiro Eisden, comp.: Bernardina Growell MIN SA – Miquel Genser, comp.: Padu Lampe LOCURA DI DALIA – Jonathan Thiel, comp..
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