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Caribbean Literature

Caribbean Literature
APPROACHING SABBATHS Jennifer RahimPOEMS Jennifer Rahim’s poems move seamlessly between the inwardly confessional, an acute sensitivity to the distinctive subjectivities of an immediate circle of family, friends and neighbours, and a powerful sense of Trinidadian place and history. Few have writ..
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CAMBRIDGE Caryl PhilipsNOVEL Cambridge is a powerful and haunting novel set in that uneasy time between the abolition of the slave trade and the emancipation of the slaves. It explores the feelings of uncertainty that defined that period. It is the story of Emily Cartwright, an Englishwoman s..
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DE VRAAG Austin Clarke NOVELOn a summer day a man and a woman start a conversation during a party. Almost immediately they are addicted to each other and they both get their lives upside down, till they start to ask themselves questions. What do they know of each other? What can you really know ..
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Derek Walcott Collected Poems 1948-1984
DEREK WALCOTT Collected Poems 1948-1984 POEMSThis remarkable collection, which won the 1986 Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Poetry, includes most of the poems from each of Derek Walcott's seven prior books of verse and all of his long autobiographical poem, "Another Life." The 1992 Nobel La..
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EEN KIEM VAN BETOVERING V.S. NaipaulROMANHet leven van Willie Chandran, bekend uit de roman Een half leven, wordt voortdurend gestuurd door de beslissingen van anderen. Als jongeman ontvluchtte Willie de beklemmende ouderlijke ashram in India en kwam hij terecht in het naoorlogse Londen. Na. Mi..
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Eva/Sión/Es - Chiqui Vicioso
EVA/SIÓN/ES  Chiqui ViciosoMULTILINGUAL POEMSThis book is a small trilingual tome – one long poem with translations from Spanish to English and French.REVIEWS “The book is the natural evolution of [the author´s] rapprochement to the culture that surrounds her, the plural and linguistic..
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I Believe - Howard A. Fergus
I BELIEVE Howard A. FergusPOEMS REVIEWS“In the clean lyric line, the rhyming line … an honest, unsentimental perception of humanity. From a freshly-wrought volcanic landscape, Fergus speaks authentically, deeply …” - Marion Bethel, author, The Bahamas“The only bleeding thing for me to be the ..
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IN TIME OF NEED Shakirah BourneSHORT STORIES A collection of award-winning Barbadian stories that showcase the controversial and often hidden aspects of the supposed Caribbean paradise. The themes of love and relationships, domestic and emotional abuse, politics in the rum shop, sex tourism a..
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KRIK? KRAK! Edwidge Danticat SHORT STORIES Before some Haitians tell a story, they ask, “Krik?” and their eager listeners respond, “Krak!” In this collection of short stories examining the lives, loves, and pains of ordinary Haitians, both in Haiti and the United States, Edwidge Danti..
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MIGUEL STREET  V.S. Naipaul NOVELNobel Laureate V.S. Naipaul tells, in Miguel Street in a gripping and compelling manner about the capital of his native Trinidad. What for an outsider looks like a dilapidated corner of Port of Spain, lurks in reality a caricatured world in which the tra..
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Regreso regreso al hogar - George Lamming
REGRESO REGRESO AL HOGAR La educación occidental y el intelectual Caribeño Conversaciones II George Lamming CULTUREConversaciones II includes the monograph Western Education and the Caribbean Intellectual, and as Rex Nettleford writes in the introduction, the book is proving to be “par..
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RUNNING THE DUSK  Christian CampbellPOEMSChristian Campbell takes us to dusk, what the French call l’heure entre chien et loup, the hour between dog and wolf, to explore ambiguity and intersection, danger and desire, loss and possibility. These poems of wild imagination shift shape and shif..
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