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Children's Literature

Children's Literature
Brand: UNOCA
BENCHO TA GANA UN BAISOlga BuckleyCHILDRENS BOOKIllustrations: Olga Willemsen PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Papiamento | paperback | 138 pages | UNOCA | Aruba | 2007 ..
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Brand: UNOCA
BENCHO TA REBELDIAOlga J. Buckley CHILDREN'S BOOK Bencho becomes a teenager and is inreasingly resisting. He finds he's doing well at school and that's why everybody has to leave him alone. Nevertheless, he is scared of himself when once he hits with fists on the desk of master W..
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CHELLA EN HET VREEMDE VROUWTJE / CHELLA AND THE WEIRD WOMAN Loekie MoralesBILINGUAL CHILDREN’S BOOKChella, a girl of seven years old, spends the Christmas days at her granny. Granny loves to make sweet things and delicious. especially at Christmas. She sends Chella to her aunt to fetch olives..
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De goudgravers van Aruba - Lizzy van Pelt
DE GOUDGRAVERS VAN ARUBA Lizzy van Pelt CHILDREN’S BOOK Everybody wants to find gold en believes it wil make you happy. But is that so? An adventurous book about friendship, history, and other countries. Illustrations: Mariëlla van de Beek Ages: 8-12 year PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Dutc..
Ex Tax:13.99€
DE KNIJPKAT Liliana Erasmus CHILDREN’S BOOKIllustrations: Wilbert van der Steen For ages: 10 years & older PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Dutch | paperback | 49 pages | Uitgeverij Delubas | Drunen | 2007 ..
Ex Tax:13.75€
DE MAGISCHE BRUIDSTAART / E BOLO DI BATREI MÁGIKOLoekie MoralesBILINGUAL CHILDREN’S BOOKStoryana, is a nine years old girl who lives at the of the 20th century. She goes to Sunday school. There she learns each week stories from the bible. That's a time very far before our history. On her ..
Ex Tax:12.40€
DE VROLIJKSTE VERJAARDAG VAN SINTERKLAAS Henna Goudzand-Nahar CHILDREN'S BOOKFer likes acrobatic tours. When on an evening, before going to bed, he does a handtsand, he noticed someone watching him. It turned out to be a piet. This piet asks Fer if he wants to go to the Netherlands as an a..
Ex Tax:12.95€
EEN REU... REU... REUZENSLANG! / UN CO... CO... COLEBRA GRANDI! Curt FortinBILINGUAL CHILDREN'S BOOKThe picture book tells the story of the boa who’s been to the island, but the island is too small for such a large snake: no space to live and no food tob e found.A story about courage and fri..
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Epa…un strea! … y mas strea - Evelyn Ruiz-Croes
EPA…UN STREA! … Y MAS STREAEvelyn Ruiz-Croes CHILDREN’S BOOK Illustrations: Sidney Gunsam For ages: 8 years and older PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Papiamento | hardcover | 52 pages | Editorial Charuba | Aruba | 2nd edition | 2011..
Ex Tax:12.50€
Hoe Nanzi de koning beetnam/Kon Nanzi a nèk shon arei - Nilda Pinto
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HOE NANZI DE KONING BEETNAM / KON NANZI A NÈK SHON AREI Nilda Pinto (ed.)BILINGUAL CHILDREN'S BOOK Nanzi not only fooled the king, but also tiger, the devil en eeven his girlffriend. He's a smart spider. He knows how to get himself always ot off a predicament, by using the stupidity o..
Ex Tax:24.50€
LIZZY LIZARD Robin BoasmanCHILDREN'S BOOKIn search of new friends, little Lizzy Lizard takes a long walk, which quickly turns into an adventure in and around Philipsburg. The book’s photo art illustrations convey a sense of magic to places easily identified by boys and girls, ages 4 to 9. Me..
Ex Tax:15.00€
MINA MARINA Loekie Morales CHILDREN’S BOOKSomewhere between Curaçao and Venezuela lies in the warm Caribbean Sea “Isla de Tortuga”. Bola and Shaki, the green sea turtles were born there. They live on the coral reef in front of the coast. Mina Marina, the exotic mermaid lives in her Bohío, d..
Ex Tax:12.00€
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